Linksys WRT54G v2 cooling hack

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Here are some pictures of a Linksys WRT54G v2 that I have modified
to improve it's cooling. I wanted to improve the cooling because
the v2 units have been upgraded to a 200mhz processor and you
can upgrade to hacked firmware to boost signal strength.
With all the extra heat generated from the upgraded cpu and signal
boosting this will probably shorten its useable life.

I purchased 2 PC chipset cooler kits which contain 2 heat sinks
and 1 fan in each kit then modified the case cooling holes using a 1/8th inch
drill bit in a dremel. Next I used plastic model glue to secure the fans to
top cover. I soldered the power wires of the fans together and covered the
bare connections with heat shrink tubing. Next I soldered a connector to
the bottom of the circuit board to get 12v power to the fans from the
power brick. The fans are configured to pull air into the case and exhaust it
out the bottom cover which I also drilled to holes out with 1/8th inch bit.
Next I attached 3 heat sinks to the cpu, ethernet controller, and wireless
chips using the included thermal tape and reassembled the case.
This mod will VOID your warranty but I think it is worth it
and it will allow you to boost the signal to the max without toasting
the chips in a few months. The fans come on when the power brick
 is plugged in and do not make much noise. I ran the unit for a hour
and it was much cooler than my stock WRT54G v1.1